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What is an automobile? Is it a mode of transportation, or is it an object that defines our personality and who we are? For most of us, it is a combination of both. However, there are variables that influence the decision about which make and model we will drive. The cost of acquisition and maintenance, in most cases, is the limiting factor. Often times, the maintenance consideration is neglected. Our objective is to educate and provide a facility which makes owning a high calibre vehicle, such as Mercedes, possible.

Tuesday, November 08 2016
FUEL CONTAMINATION ALERT Owners of gasoline fuel injected Mercedes from 1976 through 1992 should be aware of fuel related issues which could be dangerous to your car's health, and to your financial health. Basically, the fuel distributor, which meters the fuel to each injector, will go bad for two reasons: 1.) Many customers are letting the cars remain idle for 6 months or more (for whatever reason) and the fuel degrades and compromises the inner diaphragm and seals. 2.) The quality of the fuel which includes a 10% blend of ethanol is not compatible for the K-Jectronic and the KE-Jetronic systems. This means that the owners of these vehicles must use an additive such as Stabil, or any comparable fuel additive, on a regular basis.
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The Benz Store specializes in the early mechanical speedometers, and early electronic S-Class 1981 and newer and SL Models starting in 1981 thru 1995 on most models. 

 Mechanical repair $75.00/Exchange.

Electronic $95.00/Exchange and the correct mileage it provides.

2 Day Turnaround. Email any questions.

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