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Mercedes Service
The Benz Store is committed to maintaining your Mercedes using the finest OEM parts and diagnostic software. Our trained technicians complete your service in a timely and efficient manner with your safety and budget in mind.

Recommended Service Schedules
ALL MERCEDES 1998 - 2004

The Mercedes-Benz flexible service system (FSS) continually monitors engine oil level and condition along with driving style to determine service intervals. Using this system, the vehicle will usually prompt the driver to service the car every 10,000 to 15,000 miles. At The Benz Store,  we have found that adhering to these service intervals for the first 100,000 miles of the car's life is suitable as long as premium synthetic motor oil and  premium fuel is used. After 100,000 miles it is a good idea to add an oil and filter change about every 5-6000 miles to prevent sludging that causes engine damage. Below is our recommended maintenance service schedule for 1998-2004 vehicles.
Perform A or B Service as instrument cluster prompts driver?Perform major service in addition every 4 years or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first:

A-Service includes: oil and filter change using Mobil 1 synthetic oil and Mercedes-Benz fleece oil filter; check and correct all fluid levels; replace windshield wiper(s) if necessary; check tires and air pressure; replace burned exterior lights; perform minor inspection; reset service light and stamp service book.  All models except v-12--$235

B-Service includes: Complete A-Service plus: inspect and replace air filter if necessary, replace cabin air filter, adjust parking brake, replace interior light bulbs as necessary, lubricate sunroof, lubricate door latches, lubricate hood locks, check function of all interior switches, perform multipoint inspection service. All models except v-12--$375

Additional services recommended every 40,000 miles or 4 years include: Service transmission (drain fluid from transmission, remove transmission oil pan and replace pan gasket and transmission filter, refill with synthetic transmission fluid)--$225

Mercedes 1977 Through 1997 

The Benz Store has formulated the BZ service for older cars to incorporate economics and problems with older Mbs. Our service is customized to the older cars with economy, safety and preventative measures.

  • BZ Service includes: oil change,check all fluid levels and condition, replace air filter, wiper refill, check tire pressure, replace exterior lights, read engine fault codes, inspect drive line and suspension.--$159/4 and 6 cyl;  $185, -V-8 .
  •  E-SERVICE--includes bz service + spark plugs, replace fuel filter, adjust the parking brakes, rotate the wheels, check function of climate control system, check steering components for wear and damage--$395
  •  Z service includes the bz and e service plus transmission service, differential service, and coolant service--$695


What is an automobile? Is it a mode of transportation, or is it an object that defines our personality and who we are? For most of us, it is a combination of both. However, there are variables that influence the decision about which make and model we will drive. The cost of acquisition and maintenance, in most cases, is the limiting factor. Often times, the maintenance consideration is neglected. Our objective is to educate and provide a facility which makes owning a high calibre vehicle, such as Mercedes, possible.

The Benz Store specializes in the early mechanical speedometers, and early electronic S-Class 1981 and newer and SL Models starting in 1981 thru 1995 on most models. 

 Mechanical repair $75.00/Exchange.

Electronic $95.00/Exchange and the correct mileage it provides.

2 Day Turnaround. Email any questions.

The Benz-Store
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